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Semi Tires, Truck and Trailer Repair in Flint, Michigan

In need of semi tires, trailer or semi truck repair in Flint Michigan? We look forward to helping you. Our experts work tirelessly every day to help drivers like you keep down-time to the bare minimum so you can get back to doing what you do best – driving on the open road.

Our technicians are certified to handle all your repair needs. From chassis repair to breaks and electrical issues, we have seen it all. We work with the understanding that if your truck or trailer is in our shop, it’s not making you money, so you can always expect the best service with the quickest turnaround time possible.

Of course, not every semi-truck or trailer in Flint, Michigan requires emergency repair; some vehicles need preventive maintenance. We are more than happy to accommodate any business or driver in South East or Mid-Michigan who need their trucks or trailers inspected for issues.  Our certified technicians take great pride in eliminating potential problems before they impact you on the highways.

Keeping your trucks rolling is our passion. We have years of experience working on trucks and trailers of all sizes, and it’s our pleasure to offer the best repair service in the great state of Michigan. Whether a problem has struck, or you want to get your vehicle inspected, we encourage you to contact us for an estimate or schedule an appointment today.